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Ruth Cohn

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The Book



For healing understanding and action are essential. This book advances both, expanding and deepening the ideas presented here, while also suggesting concrete things to do. By presenting user friendly research, psychological principles and lots of stories of real life couples, it can begin to make comprehensible order out of seeming chaos.

Coming Home to Passion, while not a substitute for therapy, can serve as a guidebook for moving through the challenging process of relationship and sexual healing, and an optimistic, good humored companion on the journey. Diffusing shame and inspiring hope are the goals of this book. I am very excited to share it with you!

The book will include:

• Relationship basics
• Introduction to the Wide World of Sex
• A Primer on Trauma and Neglect
• Elucidation of the Impact of Trauma and Neglect
  on Sexual Development and Function
• Dynamics of the Trauma-Neglect Survivor Couple
• Steps to Healing
• Practice

Available now on Amazon.com.


"I highly recommend this as an insightful and incisive book that describes trauma and its consequences in new and original ways."

Bessel van der Kolk, M.D
Medical Director Trauma Center at JRI; Director, Complex Trauma Treatment Network, NCTSN; Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicin

"This book will give you what other books don't—the understanding of why, despite going to therapists or reading other books, you haven't been able to get out of the 'same old loop' with your partner. I use it in my own work with couples and it is required reading in my Sex Therapy graduate courses."

Sallie Foley
Sex Therapist and author,
Sex Matters for Women
, and
Sex and Love for Grown-ups
former Modern Love columnist
AARP the Magazine

"A powerful must-read based on years of research, clinical experience and riches of the heart. A comprehensive work you'll refer to again and again. Coming Home to Passion gives you compassion and competence to manage the most difficult of life's challenges. Each chapter made me look forward to the next."

Pat Love, Ed.D.
Author, The Truth About Love